Our Vision

Bangiya Sanatan Samaj has always believed in every community members participation and contribution to all its activities.
By enhancing the essence of Hindu religious values and Bengali Indian cultural elements, and practicing it, Bangiya Sanatan Samaj was/is pledged to the community to offer meaning of life and enjoyment.
Bangiya Sanatan Samaj celebrates Durga puja, Swaraswathi Puja, Barshoboron, birthday of Rabindrath Tagore and Kazi Nazrul Islam and recently added Kalipuja. Bangya Sanatan Samaj also arranges yearly picnic as outdoor social gathering for the community members.
Bangiya Sanatan Samaj has been the only forum for individual participation of Hindu community members in Sweden. The organization and activities are/has been financed by the individual and private subscription and equal financial contribution. However, individual donation to the organization has been accepted since the birth of the organization if any individual member or non-member wanted to contribute en extra financial support.